Dr. Gulhima Arora
Founder & Senior Consultant Dermatologist
Mehektagul Dermaclinic, New Delhi


Is “This” the stich that saves the ageing face in time?
Well, maybe yes, considering its multiple advantages over the existing sutures for dermal lifting.

The journey of the Silhouette Soft TM suture began long back in the 1900s’ in Europe, and gained US FDA approval in the early 2000s’ as ‘Silhouette Instalift’. Though it had a bumpy journey, it still continues to enjoy the status of its US FDA approval, unlike its contemporaries like the ‘Contour Threadlift’ technique.
I say the suture had a bumpy journey of ups and downs, due to the critisism in general that dermal threads received in the early 2000s’ due to complications related to their permanancy, and some studies claiming ineffective results. This suture too went out of vogue. Its resurgence has gained a lot of interest world wide, as it is producing some wonderful results for the ageing face and neck.

The Silhouette Soft suture is a Poly-L-Lactic Acid thread, with its advantages over polydioxanone; the major one being no loss of tensile strength even at 35 weeks as opposed to polydioxanone, which begins to lose it at 10 weeks. The biostimulation of the thread due to its production of collagen, which continues post 18 months, is another function that sets this suture apart from the rest. Redraping of the lax skin over the suture, and not just lifting, is a new mechanism of action of this thread, which is not seen with the other existing ones. And, nevertheless, not the least to say, its longevity is about 18 months, as opposed to six months of the polydioxanone thread.
The bidirectional cones that this ‘long suture’ has, ensures a good fixing of the tissue.

My experience of using this “XX1 st century lift,” has been amazing, with a true “stretch” I have noticed in improving the jowls of a patient with a very heavy face, where no other non-surgical modality helped. Nasolabial (smile) and mentolabial (droop) fold smoothening, also gave spectacular results.
The peak improvement is seen somewhere around 3 months post-procedure. The procedure does require some skill to perform, but once acquired, in deft hands, it is beyond comparison with any other thread. It is like the ultimate cherry on the icing.

The suture can be used for the younger patients who wish to contour their faces, as well as older patients who wish to lift, stretch and contour. Both men and women can opt for this next generation thread lift procedure. However, realistic expectations, mild to moderate sagging, those with post surgical face lifts, non pregnant females, and those without any active infection on the area to be treated, are ideal candidates for the procedure.

Post procedure, except for a little pain and skin dimpling, which if at all it does occur, are the only commonly seen after effects, which, last only three to four days. When done by a trained doctor, other complications like infections, asymmetry and haematoma are rare.
Know your anatomy, choose the right plane of insertion, perform the procedure to the ‘E’, and you rarely land up into any complication. Puckering of skin is something I noticed in my patients, which resolved without any intervention in a couple of days. Bruising is another complication which I had, but as you know, it is a known devil to all of us, and transient.

Silhouette Soft is truly a champion in our tool box, and can be safely combined with other procedures.
It is highly recommended for lifting and redraping of the skin.
It is a simple treatment with gratifying results, and takes only 45 min to an hour to perform. Lakhs of treatments have been done globally, and been very rewarding in terms of patient satisfaction.

You can get this treatment done, after a consultation, at Mehektagul Dermaclinic, Safdarjung Enclave , New Delhi. The contact numbers are 91-8826041678,

Stay beautiful!

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