Geomedics Pharma


Power and Precision

Focused RF

3DEEP tightening and contouring handpieces forth face, neck and body.


A range of 3DEEP RF treatment handpieces designed for safe and painless treatments that lift,
tighten and contour the face, neck, and body with no pain and no downtime after
treatments delivering impressive ROI and maximum patient comfort.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

3DEEP RF + unique modulated pulsed vacuum technology doubles the energy delivery and volumetric heating to target fat cells (heating
depth of 26mm), improving the
the appearance of cellulite while
tightening and contouring the body.

Truly Effective Body Treatments

Unique concentric electrode geometry delivers focused 3DEEP energy with superior volumetric heating and deeper
average heating depth for more
powerful, faster treatments.

Focused 3DEEP RF

Supports all ENDYMED handpieces for face, body, Fractional RF, and RF. With 6 RF generators, 3DEEP RF handpieces deliver very focused RF energy deeper into the skin for unparalleled deep volumetric heating and clinically proven result.

Exceptional Face & Neck Treatments

Specifically designed for the
treatment of wrinkles and lax skin for the face, jawline, and neck, including the hard-to-treat thin skin tissue around the eyes and mouth.


Patient Comfort and Convenience
ENDYMED’s focused TC handpieces offer completely safe and comfortable treatments for all skin types with no downtime – perfect for quick lunchtime treatment!

Superior Results
ENDYMED’s 3DEEP tightening and contouring handpieces provide both immediate and long-term superior results that continue to improve your skin for at least 3 months after your last treatment.

Innovative Concentric Electrodes for Twice the Power
The Shaper and Mini-Shaper handpieces, with their unique concentric electrode geometry, deliver focused 3DEEP energy deeper into the dermis for maximum results at nearly twice the power of other similar RF treatment handpieces in the market.