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About Us

In our endeavor to be a revered therapeutic aesthetic products marketing company, we, at Geomedics Pharma Pvt Ltd. have dedicated all our efforts to the pursuit of excellence. Our thoughts and approach are firmly rooted in our values and principles and hence, resonate with the requirements of the aesthetic industry.  We provide services chiefly to  Dermatologists, Trichologists, and Cosmetologists. We pride ourselves in being a company that offers a mélange of services and products for skin lightening, skin rejuvenation, hair care management, and vitiligo, as well as regenerative medicines and sun protectors.

The birth of Geomedics Pharma Pvt Ltd. can be attributed to our mission of catering to the requirements of aestheticians while ceaselessly aspiring to improve the quality of products we bring to the market. Our vision as an entity is to make top-notch services and products available to practitioners all over the globe. We ascribe our success in providing such quintessential service to our esteemed clients, entirely to the coordinated efforts of all the doctors and the rest of the team at Geomedics Pharma. Mr. Somen Banerjee (CMD Geomedics Pharma Pvt. Ltd) reiterates, “We have indeed been fortunate, for there has been an outpour of suggestions and help from all the good-willed doctors”. Every product that is launched, and every service provided mirrors a synchronized effort. Geomedics pharma has an objective to facilitate continued professional development towards the aesthetic dermatology fraternity because it cares for the well-being of its clients and hence provides excellent products with swift deliverance.”

Our Leaders

Mr. Somen Banerjee

Driven in a Chariot of Aspirations, Mr. Somen Banerjee embarked on his journey to challenge conventional wisdom; a road less traveled and a vision construed by a Few. His dauntless entrepreneur skills free him from the conformity of others. Cladded in the armor of morality and virtues, he set ablaze the trail for many to follow. He states that the organization is the essence of his entity and his only true identity.
He has transcended all ethnic boundaries and aims to provide a platform and a forum for industry professionals to cascade and percolate their research and expertise.
He is Au Courant with the latest advancement and endeavors to explore myriads ways to find solutions to medical challenges. His acumen, his selfless commitment, his prowess, and his audacity is only directed toward his vision and mission in life.

Mrs. Vaishali Banerjee
Business Head

Mrs. Vaishali Banerjee, a nature enthusiast; believes that a plethora of wealth pertaining to health can be offered to the world by selflessly working towards the objective.
Firmly holding to her convictions that life on earth should be valued and cared for; exhorts that collective measures must be taken towards enhancing and nurturing it.
She reinstates that reformation and transition come only through education and cascading the learnings to the society at large. Hence innovative measures and initiatives must be made to meet our requisition. An ardent and voracious reader, she finds solace in the wellspring of wisdom; the books, and believes that virtues are nurtured through value education.
She shares the same dream envisioned by Mr. Somen Banerjee and has ever since worked in sync with the mission and is in a constant endeavor to expedite the process. She is also responsible for spearheading several initiatives that have propelled the organization to transcend various dimensions of health with a goal to accentuate and preserve life.

Mr. Neehar Gandhi
Director of Sales & Marketing

An exemplification of Integrity, Gentleness, and Discipline. Marking the youth of today Mr. Neehar Gandhi with his suave demeanor leaves no stone unturned to draw the dream to Fruition.

He does not deter from belling the cat in times of pressing situations. His chivalrous and obliging mannerism has won many hearts and is truly revered by his teammates. He believes in the principle that our virtues make up the fabric of our life.

Mr. Nailesh Gandhi
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Nailesh Gandhi, a man of few words, a true comrade; is a sum of integrity and devotion to the organization, always supporting the mission envisioned by Mr. Somen Banerjee. Holding the reins of the financial department, He is known for his warm hospitality and gentleness across the industry. He firmly believes that Our ethics and values need to be preserved and protected, fostered and firmed, strengthened and established. A seamless blend of simplicity and Sensitivity, he has managed to etch his way into the hearts of many.

CMD’s Message

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation said …

“ A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption to our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so ”

and hence, at the outset, I would like to thank you for your interest in us and for the time you have taken to visit our website. I take this opportunity to show my gratitude to our valued doctors. Their continued patronage and confidence in our products inspire us to extend our services and the best therapeutic products to every corner of the world.

We are focused on addressing the needs of medical professionals through efficient, reliable, and effective products. We believe in resourcing the finest raw material available in the world.

This ensures that our products are of the highest quality, in return adding value to the services provided by our clients to the end-user.  Our development over the years is showcased through our extensive product range. We have been consistently introducing not only creative but also customized products to the market. With a farsighted approach, we are directing our efforts towards being ready with supplies to meet any demands likely to emerge for the treatment of various disorders.

It is our great fortune that we have excellent business partners from around the globe and we make certain that the relationship is reciprocal. In light of our new initiatives, I am positive that we will be among the global leaders in the healthcare product industry in the foreseeable future. By leveraging our innate strengths, we will continue to succeed in achieving short-term and long-term goals.

Today, Geomedics Pharma stands on the strong pillars of professionalism, innovation, quality, and a consumer centric attitude. These attributes make the structure of our company sturdy and stable. Thank you for your undying support and confidence in Geomedics Pharma.



– Somen Kumar Banerjee
(Chairman cum Managing Director)