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Trichoscale AI

Automatic in-vivo hair analyzes based on artificial intelligence.


Automatic in-vivo hair analyzes based on artificial intelligence

Trichoscale AI is the latest and most advanced software developed by TrichoLAB, FotoFinder’s exclusive partner for hair analysis solutions.

Fully integrated into the new TrichoLAB Suite environment. Trichoscale AI supports doctors in the evaluation of scalp and hair disorders and paves the way for more objective treatment decisions tailored to the patient’s needs.


both on long and short hair

Whether a trichoscopy or a trichogram is needed, within the shortest time Trichoscale AI provides you with highly precise data both on shaved or non-shaved hair. The AI-driven expert system automatically calculates the number of hair, the hair density, thickness (caliber), length, and growth of hair, as well as the cumulative hair thickness, the anagen/telogen rate, vellus/terminal rate, the density of follicular units (grafts) and the percentage of single, double, triple and bigger follicular units. Therefore, the software analyzes a whole set of images taken from different scalp areas to provide you with a detailed trichoscopy report.