Geomedics Pharma


Ease and performance


The leviacam combines compact size with great performance.



The most Light Weight, Sharp and easy to use Dermatoscope

Razor sharp

Whether overview image or micro image: Impressive image quality with 13 megapixel resolution.

Fast and precise

Don’t waste time and effort focusing. Thanks to autofocus, every lesion is perfectly in the picture.


Handy, light and powerful. 220 grams that really fit in every pocket!

Detachable Lense

Magnetic optics with TwinLight for easy switching between immersion and polarization.

More flexible than ever

The Leviacam is with you everywhere and is connected via USB 3.0 in no time at all.

Everything within finger reach

The software can be conveniently controlled from the camera via the panel on the top.


Dermatoscopy and Trichoscopy

In addition to classic dermatoscopy, Leviacam is also ideal for trichoscopy. Thanks to the FotoFinder and TrichoLAB expert systems and services, you receive extensive support in examining and evaluating skin and hair!