Importance of Sun Protection in Winters

In winter, the weather gets colder and you might feel that you can barely feel the sun. However, if you let your guard down, the sun can still damage your skin even on the coldest of days. Let’s explore why sun protection is important in the winter and what factors may cause harm to your skin.



When the sun comes up in the winter, it may not look as scorching as it is in other seasons. The winter sun is often underestimated. The sun’s UV rays are always present and can catch you off guard if you don’t use photoprotection. So, don’t assume that the sun is harmless!



When it gets cloudy and the sun goes missing, it’s natural to think that we are safe from the sun’s UV rays. The risk of UV radiation doesn’t go away. The UV rays can penetrate the clouds and damage your exposed skin. So, make sure to shield yourself even on cloudy days.



The winter winds are extra harsh on your skin and can strip the moisture from your skin. This will leave your skin dry, dehydrated, and flaky. It does not stop at that. Add this to the sun damage due to the UV rays and you have a destructive combo attacking your skin.



When it snows, the snow covers nature with a white blanket and it looks spectacular. When the sun’s rays fall on the snow, it sparkles. However, as amazing as it might look, the snowflakes reflect the sunlight and it maximizes the impact on the skin. Even though you feel you are safe from the sun due to the snowy weather, you’re actually getting a double dose of sunlight!



Aging already scares everyone, so, premature aging is like the icing on the cake. Sun damage is one of the major contributors to the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. By using photoprotection, you’re not only shielding your skin from sun damage but also you’re slowing down the aging process.


Having the right sunscreen for your skin is essential. Choose a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above. It’s much better if your sunscreen is a hydrating one as it helps to tackle skin dryness.


There’s no excuse to skip your sunscreen routine. No matter the season or weather, the sun’s always out there to sneak up on you and damage your skin. Stay sun safe this winter!